Photography Training

All photography training courses are one-on-one, so you and your specific needs are the focus.  Courses are not held on a schedule, they are scheduled when you book them.  The following is a list of courses available:

Fundamentals of DSLR Photography:

  • A PACKED, 2-day, one-on-one course for those who have purchased a DSLR and want to know how to use it.  Bring your camera- this course includes practicals.
  • Learn F-Stop, ISO and shutter speed- and learn to love them instead of dread them.
  • Learn about useful physical filters for digital cameras that cannot be duplicated in software.
  • Learn about flash photography, why it’s so important, and how to use it to make your images beautiful.
  • Learn about lenses and camera bodies, and how to know which ones will work best for you.
  • Learn how to shoot very high speed, or in the dark.
  • Learn how to get that artistic look to your images.
  • Learn what equipment will work best for your photography style, and what you should purchase next to get the most out of your camera- and where to get it cheap.
  • Learn what software to use, and what’s available FOR FREE, and where to get it.
  • Learn everything from technical to the legal aspects of photography.
  • LUNCH is included!
  • Course goes for $200- a small investment to get the most out of your expensive DSLR.  Enroll now, this price may go up.

Courses coming soon:

  • Post-processing:  How to take your RAW images and make them stunning, using FREE software.
  • HDR for Beginners:  Learn about this powerful exposure technique to create images that stand out, using FREE software.
  • Panoramas for Beginners:  Learn how to stitch photos together for amazingly wide angle images, using FREE software.