About Chris

ChrisLambertChris’s unique high-resolution digital photographs reflect his skills learned from years of electrical engineering working on high-precision optics and robotics.  As a student, Chris placed first in the Northeast United States IEEE intercollegiate robotics competition.  He then worked as a telescope designer on the staff of the University of Arizona Steward Observatory, building the control system for the primary optics for the Large Binocular Telescope (the world’s largest cast-glass telescope mirror).  Chris continued at Electro-Optical Systems Technologies, Inc. working on other telescopes such as the PanSTARRS telescope in Hawaii, considered the world’s largest digital camera, which discovered the PanSTARRS comet in June, 2011.

Memberships and Community:
-“Member” of Canon Professional Services
-“Administrator” for R72 infrared photography group
-“Expert Member” of Infrared-Club infrared photography group
-Published in The Spot for The Denver Post.
-Published in Traveling Webster County, Kentucky e-magazine
-Featured print in the Colorado Joint Budget Committee room