Creative Portraiture


We offer three types of Creative Portraiture shoots.  While typically shot within the studio, these shoots are far from attached to it.  On location and outdoors is available as needed.  Our studio location even has many outdoor options for no additional charge.

Our Signature portrait sessions focus on you.
Where other photographers quit, we’re just getting warmed up.  This shoot is about capturing who YOU are.  Our pre-shoot consultation will individualize and tailor the experience to the style you are looking for.  Pamper yourself with a special Glamour session, complete with professional hair and makeup.

Our Creative and Theatrical sessions are about imagination.
Dive into your own imagination and become the fantasy.  Become a part of creative imagery by floating among the trees, existing in the surreal.  Or take it theatrical and be a vampire, a mermaid, a fairy, a zombie, or the king or queen of the underworld.  These shoots are highly individualized to meet up where your imagination leaves off.  Don’t leave the creative and theatrical to the CD covers and the magazines- it’s now available for you to experience for yourself.

Our Storybook shoots take our Creative Theatrical to the next level.
We work with you to create a unique storyline, and then make you the star.  We devote up to an entire week or more to your shoot, hire professional hair and make up artists, models, find and create the props and costumes.  This shoot, typically shot over a period of several days, produces a series of images that when viewed together tell a story.  A story of love, of sacrifice, of epic battle or of a personal journey.  Like the theme, imagination is the only limit.  It will be like no other photo shoot you’ve ever experienced- and will be a focus of conversation for a lifetime.

For pricing, please see our Portrait Pricing page.  Contact Us to secure your booking.


Commercial photography:

Chris is also available for commercial commissions for your book, CD cover, or magazine advertisement.  See our Fine Arts & Commissions section for details.